Guide to Milano

Milano Fashion capital of Italy, motherland to the best spaghetti, place where history collapses with modern design.
The moment you step your foot onto Milanese ground, all of the sudden you’re in a whole new universe. It’s a new age Italy. Streets are over crowded, traffic is loud and the people… oh the people, I’ve never seen a place where almost every single person looks like they came straight out of the pages of Vogue.
Street style may not have been born here, but it sure is living to the fullest,  mixing with a high italian couture. And some high, sooo very high, heels. It’s like these women were born in them. So, don’t get surprised when you see a 60-year-old signora just casually strolling around the town in her 12cm high Salvatore Ferragamo sandals.
Milano definitely is a spot you want to experience, so pack your suitcases, and don’t worry you can never be overdressed, book a plane ticket and turn your aperitivo mood on, cuz you’re going to Italy!
And here are the top 5 places, you definitely do not want to miss (shopping and coffee shops count as exploring the city’s goods, right?)
Terrazza Aperol
Cult place, written in golden letters in every Instagram influencers address book. Why? You know all of those “Aperol Spritz overlooking a Duomo” photos? This is the place!
So just sit back, relax and enjoy your aperitivo with the best view ever.
Oh, and don’t forget to create some content for your feed.
mil6                                                        mil5
La Rinascente
How do you imagine fashion heaven? Dior, Valentino, Dolce&Gabbana, Chanel, Valentino all under one roof? Well, you’ve come to the right place!
Eclectic combination of boutique, parfumerie, interior shop and restaurant makes you never want to leave.
Glazing at the newest collections, imagining yourself wearing those newest YSL pumps or Gucci loafers or one D&G masterpieces, oooh and that Alberta Ferretti cashmere sweater, I promise you, all of the shopping dreams come true here.
Imagine you’re sitting in a sofa, all warm and cozy, sipping on a cappuccino and reading your favorite book. No, you’re not home, you are sitting in one of the coolest cafe-come-bookshop in Milan. Soothing jazz music will make this place one of your apsolute favorites, so that you’ll find yourself coming back to it over and over again. Especially if you try their salmone affumicato in a bagel!
One more restauant with a breath-taking view over Duomo. This chic place is a favorite stop by for stars like Anna dello Russo, Katty Perry and Jeremy Scott, so if you’re lucky enough, you might even end up on a lunch date with them. You would probably not be sharing a plate, but heeey, let’s not be pitty. And who knows, if you run into each other more than a few times, you may even start greeting each other!
But in the mean while, make a reservation for a table right next to one, of the many, floor to ceiling high windows and order a seafood plate. Buon appetito!
And for the last, one of the trendiest places Milano has to offer – Armani Hotel.
Sleek, elegant, yet simple. Hotel bar can be described with those same atributes, you would use when talking about Giorgio’s fashion line.
Save it for the evening time. Enjoy the cocktails, get lost in the taste of finger food and just smile. Because you’re in the centre of Milan, it’s summer and life is good.


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